8 Solutions Data Centre Services

8 Solutions Data centre Services – Data Centre Cleaning – Computer Room Cleaning Services – Server Room Cleaning – Airflow Management – Raised Access Floor Remediation – Specialists.

With over 100,000 successful completed data centre projects, 8 Solutions acknowledges the importance of regular professional data centre cleaning, maintenance services and airflow management. Specialised data centre deep cleaning and decontamination, computer room cleaning, server room cleaning, zinc whisker remediation services and measuring and improving the use of the cold air supply are crucial elements of risk mitigation to any lT facility.

With over twenty five years experience of data centre healthcare, 8 Solutions provide comprehensive data centre services including cleaning and decontamination, raised flooring new and refurbishment, environmental testing, health and safety reporting, datacentre airflow management and zinc whisker remediation. As the market leader within our industry, 8 Solutions understands that your data centre or critical IT facility is the backbone and heartbeat of your organisation’s infrastructure. It is now crucial that risk management is appropriately addressed and included as an integral component of data centre management.

Contact 8 Solutions today about our data centre services to understand how we can help you minimise the risk and cost of contamination and excess cold air supply to your business.