CRC ‘stealth tax’ puts data centre industry at risk

October 27, 2010

The announcements made by the government on the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) could threaten the future of the data centre industry.

This warning comes from DatacenterDynamics, which said the sector is one of those most affected by the energy efficiency scheme.

Unveiling the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review last week, chancellor George Osborne announced was has been described by critics as a “stealth tax”.

He said that the money collected by the scheme over the next four years could be transferred to Treasury coffers instead of being returned to companies in the form of rebates.

Data centre specialists speaking at the DatacenterDynamics conference in London said this could put their industry at serious risk.

“This change to CRC will, in combination with the already high cost of electricity in the UK, cause some operators to build new facilities in other countries instead,” claimed Liam Newcombe, chief technology officer at Romonet.

Source: Comms-express