UKFast set for £12.5m green energy push

October 28, 2010

Manchester-based web hosting company UKFast has launched a new green energy business that plans to invest -£12.5m in hydroelectric power stations over the next three to five years.

With the backing of The Co-operative Bank, UKFast Energy has identified 11 sites in Scotland and Wales one of which should be ready to start feeding green energy into the grid within 12 months. The business is also set to open a new -£3m data centre at Trafford Park.

“Our industry uses a huge amount of power and we’ve spend the past few years looking at ways to reduce that amount,” said UKFast managing director Lawrence Jones. “I felt it needed someone in our industry to pioneer a new approach.

“Data centres around the world use the same amount of energy each year as Argentina it’s a massive amount. A lot of people are trying to create green data centres, but we decided to go right back to the source and create clean energy to fuel the data centres.”

UKFast has been working with an unnamed partner to find suitable locations. The 11 sites identified each have the potential to create up to one megavolt ampere (MVA). That would be enough to power at least half of a data centre. Jones said most sites are one year into a three-year development although work could start on three of four straight away.

One site in Scotland could be ready to start feeding green energy into the grid within 12 months. Jones added: “It means we’ll be fuelling our data centres with green energy that we’ve created rather than offsetting.

“I was fortunate to discuss green IT with Sir Richard Branson at the beginning of this year and his launch of The Carbon War Room encouraged me to escalate UKFast’s plans to reduce our impact on the planet.”

Source: Insider Media Ltd