Web Host AYKsolutions Expands into Europe with London Data Center

December 17, 2010

Web hosting provider AYKsolutions (www.ayksolutions.com) announced on Monday it has expanded into the European market with new data center space located in London, UK.

The data center is AYKsolutions’ first location outside of the US. The facility is designed to “create maximum reliability, efficiency, and performance,” providing customers with a better solution for reaching their visitors in Europe and surrounding areas.

“We are very excited to announce our first international data center location,” says Artyom Khmelnitsky, president of AYKsolutions. “In response to continued customer demand for data center space and services outside the US, we selected London as our first international data center location. This expands our data center footprint to eight facilities, allowing us to provide a new extent of geographic diversity and redundancy to our customer base.”

By expanding into the European hosting marketplace, AKYsolutions says it is able to increase its capacity and geographic reach with a new data center in London.

The company’s new London dedicated hosting facility will give AYKsolutions customers with end-users in Europe the same degree of security and reliability on a new level of geographic redundancy.

The new London dedicated hosting facility will adhere to the same high standards set in the company’s existing data centers.

AYKsolutions has six other data center sites across the US, including Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Miami, Seattle and Washington.

The new facility features remote reboots and KVMIP for simplified management and operates on fiber from Tier 1 network with national as well as global peering arrangements.

Source: www.thewhir.com