UK Colo Firm UKGrid Begins Final Phase of Manchester Data Center Expansion

March 2, 2011

(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) UK colocation provider UKGrid ( announced on Tuesday that it has begun expanding its Synergy House data center in Manchester, UK.

The three month expansion project will bring two additional colocation zones online during the second quarter of 2011.

Creating two new data halls on separate floors in the North Wing of the building, areas DC4 and DC5 will release an additional 6,000 square foot at Synergy House for a range of colocation offerings starting from quarter racks up to private suites for 5 full racks and above.

Power to the site has been upgraded and a second dedicated substation has been built to serve the new areas.

Once upgrade works have been completed, power availability at the 23,000 square foot facility will be increased to a total of 4MW and the second substation will ensure mains power redundancy from existing zones at Synergy House DC1 and DC2.

In order to expand connectivity options into the new zones, Geo Networks have brought their national fibre network into the North Wing as well as the South Wing, giving fully diverse national fiber connectivity.

“This announcement is great news for UKGrid, our clients and any organization looking for quality data center space outside of London,” says Rob Garbutt, UKGrid CEO. “With existing Synergy zones DC1 and DC2 at capacity and DC3 at 50 percent, the expansion should allow us to satisfy demand over the next 12 to 18 months. It’s an exciting period as we’re simultaneously executing on our longer term and large scale expansion strategy to ensure a continuation of high quality data center space estimated to see us through into 2015.”

The overall target Power Usage Effectiveness for all Synergy House data halls is 1.32, which makes the colocation facility one of the most efficient data centers in the UK.

UKGrid says that Synergy House will continue to be completely carbon neutral as a result of its forestry projects that offset all carbon emissions from its data centers.

The project is expected to create up to 10 additional jobs in Manchester and the company’s projected turnover from the redeveloped site once full is $10.6 million.

UKGrid has a network of business class data center facilities that provide power protection, high capacity cooling systems, fire protection, high levels of security and a wide range of network and communications options.

Source: Web Host Industry Review