The 8 key ways 8 Solutions mitigate against data centre risks

February 10, 2014

8 Solutions is synonymous with data centre cleaning and mitigating against the risk of down-time in critical facilities.  The company has carried out over 100,000 completed projects and has a client base that includes the majority of the FTSE 100, either directly or through the major facilities management organisations.  But one question that is frequently asked in the industry is why the company is called 8 Solutions?

Michael Meyer, Sales Director at 8 Solutions explains, “We have built our business around alleviating the risk of down-time in critical facilities by identifying eight key areas crucial to minimising this threat. Millions of pounds are invested by companies in critical IT systems hosted in the UK’s data centres, but typically the risks and dangers of contamination are often only fully appreciated when there is a major failure.”

He continued, “Specialist deep cleaning improves the performance, power consumption and longevity of expensive IT equipment and our aim is to provide our customers with regular and scheduled cleaning to ensure the smooth running of their data centre. From specialised technical cleaning, carried out by our security cleared technicians, to 24/7 emergency response cleaning post incident, through to airflow management and contamination management, 8 Solutions can carry out and manage the whole process.”

8 Solutions Services include:

  1. Technical Cleaning – ISO 14644-1, post construction, deep, surface, rack, component
  2. Raised Access Flooring – Cut & carve, repair, strengthening, remediation, air grills, air guards
  3. Testing & Consultancy – SEM testing, zinc whisker, air quality testing, 20 point health check
  4. Remediation – Zinc whisker, 24/7 response post incident (gas, fire, smoke, water, sub floor sealing)
  5. Airflow Management – Audit, energy saving ROI, grills, blanking panels, sealing, air wrap around, thermal imaging
  6. Room Integrity Testing – Certification and remediation
  7. Contamination Management – Tak Mats, Tak panels, barriers
  8. Fire Stopping – Fire walling, cable grommets, expanding foam, fire batons

As part of the Technical Cleaning Solution, 8 Solutions performs ISO 14644 Air Sampling and Particle Counts. These result in ISO certifications that are invaluable during audits and compliance initiatives. The majority of original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) now “insist on ISO 14644 environment certification compliance” before warranties are upheld, and more importantly, replaced or paid out.