Visa plans new London data centre

June 9, 2011

Credit cards giant Visa has announced that it plans to build a large new data centre close to London.

Server racks will be spread across a 10,000 square-foot facility to strengthen the company’s transaction processing capabilities.

According to a report by, the data centre group Digital Realty Trust will design and build the facility on a fixed timescale and budget.

“Visa is committed to consistently providing its European customers with robust, reliable and secure payment services, and to achieve this we rely on state-of-the-art data centre facilities,” explained Steve Chambers, European chief information officer.

It is hoped that this new data centre will reduce the processing times of transactions as well as help in the deployment of its contactless payment cards.

Visa recently announced that McDonald’s will start rolling out contactless payment technology across its 1,200 locations in the UK.

Jill McDonald, chief executive, commented: “Convenient and quick, the technology is perfect for McDonald’s customers and we are now offering it in all of our UK restaurants.”