UK hosting provider upgrades network capacity – Network Cables

August 24, 2011

UK hosting provider The Bunker has upgrading its network capacity, it has been revealed.

The Bunker, which operates two data centres in air defence nuclear bunkers just outside of London, has decided to upgrade the facilities to include 10 gigabit Ethernet network cables.

Mark Hemsley, head of core networks and solutions at The Bunker, claimed that the move would allow the firm to offer more cloud computing options.

“We increasingly deliver ‘as-a-service’ solutions to customers, cloud-based solutions for example: everything happens inside our data centre and is delivered via the Internet as a pay-as-you-go service,” he said.

“To make this work you need a core network that is resilient and high capacity, and our latest round of upgrades provides just that.”

It follows the news that the Santa Clara Marriott in the US is installing Cat6 Ethernet cables and wireless-N Wi-Fi across throughout its premises.