Blue Chip Enhances Innovative Data Availability Solutions Offering

August 26, 2011

Bedford based Data Centre Services provider Blue Chip have announced their partnership with Falconstor, a leading developer of innovative, scalable and open network solutions designed to optimize the storage, efficiency, protection and availability of enterprise data and applications.

The partnership enhances Blue Chip’s ability to design, implement and maintain leading Data Availability Solutions via Falconstor’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and Virtual Tape Library (VTL) platforms thus further expanding Blue Chip’s service portfolio and delivering more experience and a wide range of technical knowledge with leading edge solutions and innovation to clients.

As a leading Data Centre Services Provider this new business relationship means that Blue Chip are able to offer customers a solution that compliments established services such as Business Continuity and Off Site Tape Storage, the latter of which you would expect to be replaced by a Virtual Tape Library, as a service that improves efficiency and reduces costs. However, Falconstor correctly note that ‘most enterprises are reducing tape, not replacing it’.

Government legislation dictates that data must be securely stored by companies and whether due to legislation or the limitations of smaller companies vaulting to a secondary site, Blue Chip customers’ will now be able to benefit from an established physical service in Off Site Tape Storage that is complimented by a cost saving, more efficient service in Virtual Tape Library.

This development means that those in the market for secure, cost effective data storage solutions now have an option that offers more than either traditional Offsite Tape Storage or a Virtual Tape Library individually. They can now have the best of both worlds from the partnership between two of the UK’s most innovative and customer focused companies.

Blue Chip Customer Engineering LTD was established as a specialist company in 1987 to provide IT support services for IBM Midrange users. The company has grown organically to offer a diverse portfolio of Data Centre Services, Business Continuity Solutions and Hardware Sales. Blue Chip has offices in Bedford, London, Scotland, Sweden and Sri Lanka servicing a diverse range of clients from finance houses to government bodies. For more information please contact marketing(at)bluechip(dot)co(dot)uk or call 01234 224400.