8 Solutions delivers technical solutions overseas

October 22, 2015

A Spanish data centre that was experiencing high levels of white dust within its data halls that was threatening the integrity of its IT equipment has had the problem solved, thanks to a complete package of technical cleaning solutions from 8 Solutions.

The data centre, in mainland Spain, called in 8 Solutions to solve the mystery of where the dust was coming from and how it could be prevented. Technicians from 8 Solutions visited the site to take samples of the contamination that were then sent for laboratory analysis.

“The analysis identified which chemicals were present within the dust and with this information the data centre was able to take specific actions to stop the spread of the contamination across the site,” explains David Hogg, 8 Solutions managing director.

“We then produced an in-depth delivery plan and, within a week, a team of five of our technicians were on-site to perform the technical deep clean. This involved cleaning the customer’s live IT equipment in order to remove contamination and return the room to the prescribed level of cleanliness of ISO14644-1 class 7.”

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