8 Solutions keeps power on the grid

December 4, 2015

The UK and Europe’s leading technical cleaning and data centre healthcare business is proactively mitigating the risks of IT infrastructure failure for a major power distributor.

8 Solutions is safeguarding against potentially costly power outages, and the resulting disruption to service.

Prior to appointing 8 Solutions, the company undertook a thorough review of the market. In its tender process, it was seeking a trusted partner with a proven track record in ensuring all of the necessary precautions would be taken to maximise the ‘uptime’ and eliminate ‘downtime’ of the power grid and the IT network that supports it.

Now mid-way through the contract, 8 Solutions has delivered cleaning services across 62 sites annually, from the Midlands to the South West and Wales.

A bespoke ‘Roadtrip’ model has been created for the contract comprising a mobile cleaning unit that travels the country visiting each site. Full room audits are conducted and reports given to facilities managers to ensure best practice and high safety standards are maintained. Any potential risks are highlighted, and remedial action recommended and taken as required.

This model has ensured 100% uptime without any incidents while work has been carried out.

An Air particle test is performed by the 8 Solutions team and a certificate supplied upon completion of the works; each of the tests is conducted in accordance with ISO14644-1 Class 8 with certification of the IT server rooms.

The company works proactively to identify areas of concern. For example, if a site has been subject to significant building works or alterations that may have left the room contaminated, additional cleaning may be recommended.

“The Roadtrip teams  are able to plan their routes so that they can attend a number of sites in and around the same region to be more time-effective, and our clients managers are better able to manage their  own time when arranging access to the rooms, says Mike Meyer, Sales Director of 8 Solutions.

“This company is taking its responsibility seriously and the kick off and close out meetings at senior level each year have proven that the delivery model proposed by 8 Solutions has been properly implemented,” Mike  adds. “We have seen a reduced carbon footprint and reduced cost for delivering these services, and have successfully identified and remediated against risk to ensure 100% operational efficiency for our client.”

Mike is pleased that the contract is performing so well: “Power outages or data loss for a Power Distributor could have severe implications, so maintaining the cleanliness of an IT room is of paramount importance,” he says.

“To have developed a reporting mechanism and structure that suits the client’s needs and to have also created a custom designed mobile unit that meets its specifications is very satisfying, and we hope that our long-term relationship continues.”