London College – Post Incident Remediation

August 16, 2017


ABM Critical Solutions was called in when a gas suppression system was activated in the SER room at the college resulting in the dumping of gas into the room and onto the IT equipment. In addition to the gas release a fire extinguisher had also been used on the live equipment.

After receiving the initial call at 12.00 o’clock referencing an ‘emergency incident’ in a Data Centre in central London ABM responded quickly and had a senior operations manager onsite within two hours.

The ABM operations manager completed a detailed survey or the room and equipment and put a full emergency delivery plan together with the client. A team of highly trained specialist technicians deployed and were onsite within five hours of the original phone call to begin the clean-up.


The technicians needed to work throughout the night to restore the room back to its original state. The college couldn’t afford any additional downtime as staff and students were dependant on the critical systems to achieve important milestones the following day.


  • All IT racks were micro-vacuumed and anti-statically wiped internally and externally.
  • All the internals of the IT equipment were meticulously micro—vacuumed and cleaned.
  • The room interior was cleaned to ISO14644-1 Class 8 Standards.
  • An indoor air quality test was completed.


  • Rapid response from ABM Critical Solutions ensured the clients emergency works were kept to an absolute minimum.
  • No long-term damage to any of the IT equipment now that abrasive fire suppression materials have been removed though cleaning.
  • Thanks to the quick response there was a very low mean time to recovery (MTTR).