Top tips for risk prevention:

October 5, 2010

Only use professional data centre cleaning companies

Choose a company which uses only a permanently employed, highly trained team who have also been police checked to work in secure environments. Ensure any materials its employees use are specifically designed for the purpose and are chemically inert. Strong chemicals and water have the potential to cause corrosive dust, which could contain ionic chemical compounds like sulphur and chlorine salts, which, when wet, become corrosive or can create short circuits within equipment.

Minimise exposure between professional cleans

Having strict rules on what can and cannot enter the facility will help to limit the level of contamination between professional visits. Banning all food and drink stuffs, as well as removing all packaging outside the facility, may seem like simple and obvious tips but rarely are they enforced as strictly as they should be. Limiting the number of personnel who have access is another important rule, if there is no need to be in there, don’t be. Removing all unnecessary equipment and work stations will also help stop people feeling it is acceptable to remain inside.

Ensure all relevant staff are properly trained and adopt best practice

Simple ideas, like creating a check list to be performed on set days each week, can have a big affect on contamination levels. These should include:

  • Removing all visible debris before leaving the facility each night
  • Conducting a weekly spot check or white glove check to ensure dust levels are at the required level
  • Enforce a policy of over shoes being worn at all times inside and removed upon exiting the facility
  • Making sure tack mats are in use at entrances and changed regularly
  • Checking underside of raised floor panels for a bronze sheen a sign of Zinc Whiskers.
  • Changing Hepa filters in air conditioning systems on a monthly basis