Why should I use a Data Centre deep-cleaning company?
Particle and contamination build-up will cause failures in electronic circuits within servers and hardware. Contamination will cause servers to slow down or possibly fall down completely, which is unacceptable in any data centre or computer room. You should only allow a specialist data centre or computer room cleaning company that uses trained technicians and specialist materials and equipment into your environment. It is also important to ensure you choose a contamination partner who will provide full risk assessments, method statements and COSHH sheets. See our 20 Point Data Centre Health Check page for information.

What environments need these services?

  • Large or small-scale data centres
  • ISPs (due to their large data centre estate)
  • Network Control Centres
  • UPS Rooms
  • Computer Rooms
  • Raised Floor Areas (Subfloors)
  • Any critical technology facility

How does Data Centre deep cleaning prevent downtime?
Computer room cleaning insures against possible problems that can rise through not keeping a data centre’s contamination levels to an acceptable level. Read more on our Why Decontaminate page.

Internal components of electronic computer equipment can fail due to various factors, with heat and contamination identified as two of the most common causes of failure. In a raised floor environment, equipment within the data centre, computer room or server room is cooled using air circulated under the raised floor or air handling units. Particulates which are brought into the facility build-up in dead space and can be carried into hardware’s internal circuits in the air conditioning process. Specialist computer room cleaning removes these particulates before they have a chance to reach the equipment, significantly reducing the risk of hardware failure.

The cost of prevention when using a qualified computer room cleaning company to perform data centre cleaning is far lower than the cost of downtime caused by dust contamination.

Research by IBM found that for a large organization downtime can cost between $100k and $1m an hour. By comparison, the investment in a structured environment cleaning programme is negligible.

  • 65% of data centre and computer room problems are caused by environmental contamination but less than 5% of a typical data centre’s expenditure is allocated to hygiene and contamination prevention.
  • Many IT and Facilities Managers are unaware that equipment manufacturers’ warranties could be deemed void as a result of poor environmental conditions.
  • “Avoid dusty or dirty work environments. Dust and dirt can clog the internal mechanisms and cause the server to overheat. Damage caused by extreme temperatures is not covered by your warranty.” Gateway Server Guide
  • “The quarterly statement of work involves a much more detailed and comprehensive decontamination schedule and should only be conducted by experienced computer room contamination-control professionals.” – Sun Microsystems – Environmental Planning book
  • “Periodic data centre maintenance is a vital, ongoing process for any data centre. Whether your facility has 500 square feet or 50,000, professional cleaning of your data centre can have a dramatic effect on the longevity of your infrastructure, your system’s reliability, and your power consumption. It is more than just cleaning surface debris from your raised floor; it’s a systematic approach to keeping your data centre clean and operating properly” Prosource Vol.27 Issue 28

Data centre cleaning is increasingly becoming a priority for affected companies, especially as the value they assign to a warranty for a large investment in equipment may be at risk. If, for example, an equipment manufacturer saw a heat sink totally clogged with dirt, their warranty could be deemed void due to poor environmental conditions.

How often should I perform Computer Room Cleaning?
Most hardware and industry experts recommend a complete data centre or computer room clean at least once per year, and a surface cleaning at least quarterly to maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness in your mission critical facility. If your facility does not have a raised floor, then you should ensure that the flooring is static dissipative. Deep cleans should also follow any construction work.

How do I choose a qualified Computer Room Cleaning company?
A qualified company will specialise in only data centre or computer room cleaning, due to the sensitive and critical nature of the work. They will have the specialised equipment, trained technicians, and a great deal of experience in data centre cleaning and maintenance. They will have a global infrastructure in place to support the on-going needs of your facility. See our accreditations and how well we are qualified.

Do you subcontract or use company employees to perform computer room cleaning?
8 Solutions will only allow fully trained, non-subcontracted technicians into your data centre. They are all police vetted, Basic Cleared (BC) and Security Cleared (SC) before commencing employment with 8 Solutions. We would never allow unknown individuals enter such a highly sensitive and business critical environment. No other company can say this. Meet some of the team.

Is a particle count reading by itself enough to determine if computer room cleaning is needed?
A particle count reading measures the airborne particulate within the entire data centre/computer room at the time of sampling. It does not measure all particulate contamination that is settled under and above the raised access floor. Settled particulate should also be addressed when considering your data centre cleaning preventive maintenance program.

Contact us in order to schedule a comprehensive environmental audit for your data centre.

Do I have to shut down my operations to have my facility cleaned?
No. Shutdowns and downtime are a concept of the past. Our technicians work around your operations and your staff. Of course certain activities will require undisrupted access to your work area, such as applying an anti-static finish to the floor for instance. If however, you require a post construction clean, see here for further information.