Why our Services

Why choose 8 Solutions Services

8 Solutions Services are continually evolving in response to customer needs. Specialist in maintaining the cleanliness of the data centre environment, our evolution of services are being specifically developed to complement our established skill-sets, working practices and processes, and technical understanding of the dynamics within the operational areas of the data centre.

To successfully maintain cleanliness and air quality in the data centre ultimately requires a thorough understanding of the contributing factors in and around the environment. Direct and in-direct cooling; raised access floor and solid floor arrangements; up-flow, down-flow, in-row, variable speed and fixed speed- belt driven CRAH (Computer Room Air Handlers) constantly challenge our service delivery. Rising to these challenges day-in and day-out, we have come to learn of the pains our customers have endured along their constant learning path, and now we have risen to the challenge to help resolve these issues.

Key business drivers to choose 8 Solutions Services:

  • Increase Resilience, through…
    • Effective contamination management- both particulate & biological
    • Airflow Optimization- improving effectiveness & utilization
    • Mechanical Floor integrity and Gaseous Room integrity
  • Improve Credibility, through…
    • Contribution to CSR² (Corporate & Social Responsibility, and Carbon Sustainability Reporting)
    • Compliance: testing & certification
    • Robust policy & procedures
    • Promotion of Operational Best Practices
  • Reduce Carbon, through…
    • Airflow Optimisation- improving efficiency (PUE)
    • Optimized service delivery solutions; residential or regional deployed teams