October 5, 2010

Shrinking computer hardware calls for sharper contamination management

Data centre environment changes are leading to an increased incidence of zinc whisker contamination and equipment failure. 8 Solutions’ Managing Director and experienced data centre specialist Amit Mehta examines the reasons for this, and advises on possibilities for detection and remediation. Continue reading

October 5, 2010

Contamination of data equipment – not always an obvious threat, but one that must be contained

Most large buildings contain sensitive data equipment. Although not an obvious threat, contamination can cause catastrophic failure in such equipment if left unchecked. Protection is entirely possible, but it needs expertise. Amit Mehta of data area cleaning specialist 8 Solutions explains why a specialist cleaning approach is essential to guarantee data equipment protection. Continue reading

October 5, 2010

Top tips for risk prevention:

Only use professional data centre cleaning companies, minimise exposure between professional cleans and ensure all relevant staff are properly trained and adopt best practice. Continue reading

October 5, 2010

Are you putting your IT security at risk?

Too many are according to Kaushal Doshi

Working in business continuity or risk, there are many things you simply don’t want to hear, “a server has gone down” is probably one of them and maybe the one you dread most. For some, a server packing up, even for a short time, would be a disaster, for others it would merely be a big inconvenience. But, regardless of the severity of the problem it causes, you would need to know how and why it happened. You will have a responsibility to get to the bottom of the issue and find out exactly what caused it. Warranties would be called upon, assessors could be brought in, answers would be needed and blame assigned. Continue reading

October 4, 2010

Managing the threat of data centre contamination

Contamination is an ever-present threat to sensitive data centre equipment; its potential effects range from impaired power efficiency to catastrophic equipment failure. However with the right expertise, prevention is entirely possible. Kaushal Doshi, group director for data centre contamination specialists, 8 Solutions, discusses the risks and how to prevent them. Continue reading

October 1, 2010

Why Data Centre cleanliness matters to Building Engineers

There are no formal cleanliness standards for new buildings during handover from their construction company to the owners. However, commercial, industrial and other buildings of any size will almost inevitably include data centres and other areas intended to house sensitive data processing and communications equipment. The consequences of such equipment suffering contamination can be huge, and possibly even fatal to the business of the building’s residents. Protection from contamination is therefore essential and it’s a process that starts before the first foundations are laid. Amit Mehta, of data centre cleaning specialist 8 Solutions, explains how building engineers can fulfil their role within this process and hand over a data facility that’s certified clean and fit for purpose. Continue reading