Info Sheets Mechanical Services

Airflow Management (PDF)
8 Solutions also has access to thermal imaging technology and expertise to assist in the airflow management and design process and to identify hot and cold spots within the facility.
Environment Integrity (PDF)
8 Solutions can both test the environment and provide remediation services. Typically these services include the replacement and upgrade of door seals, ensuring floor panel integrity and the closing and sealing of cable and similar ingress points.
Floor Integrity (PDF)
8 Solutions has extensive experience in the design and installation of Raised Access Floor systems and can provide guidance across all aspects of the design, the floor panels and pedestal systems. Trained technicians can complete the installation including the sealing of the floor slab and the securing of the pedestals in accordance with best practice guidelines.
Physical Decontamination Measures (PDF)
Within the contamination profile as developed by 8 Solutions the simplest factor and effectively the starting point for contamination management is the use of physical contamination measures.