Info Sheets Cleaning and Decontamination services

The checklist for ultimate Data Centre health
8 Solutions is a Data Centre Healthcare provider operating through two divisions; Cleaning and Decontamination and Mechanical Services. Download and read more of our full service offering and operating methodology.
Deep Clean (PDF)
An 8 Solutions Deep Clinical Clean is an intensive service designed to achieve an ISO 14644-1 level 6 standard of air cleanliness. It addresses every area within the Data Centre, from the subfloor surface up to the underside of the panels and the floor surface, all walls, doors, ledges, and cabinet externals. It will also address all high levels including ceiling voids, overhead cabling and cable trays, all lighting including suspension systems and all building support infrastructure including roof supports and ceiling and roof surfaces.
Maintenance clean (PDF)
The 8 Solutions maintenance clean targets everything above the floor including the floor surface and all high levels and ceiling voids where applicable.
Post construction clean (PDF)
8 Solutions provides two levels of Post Construction Clean: Builders Clean and an Enhanced Builders Clean. Both are intended to be carried out after the completion of either the build of an entire new Data Centre or an extension/enhancement to an existing facility.
Rack Externals & Internals
This process is, in most cases, carried out on a live rack by an 8 Solutions engineer, with a Data Centre engineer in attendance or in some situations on an isolated rack where a much more intensive clean can be performed including equipment removal and cleaning.
Surface Clean (PDF)
An 8 Solutions Surface Clean is a basic level process designed to provide a relatively simple surface-only clean. This is typically used in Data Centres that have undergone some form of change that has impacted on the cleanliness of a facility, or for those that simply wish to more tightly maintain their cleanliness levels. This cleaning is either performed as an inherent part of the cleaning schedule or on an event driven basis.
Why Decontaminate? (PDF)
Unplanned downtime in a Data Centre environment can prove extremely costly, and most organisations have a detailed and prescriptive preventative maintenance regime designed to mitigate the risk of such downtime. Typically, this regime would include monitoring and maintaining such factors as power, temperature and humidity, with particular focus on the management of the airflow to ensure optimum and requisite cooling.