White Papers

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IBM’s 5 Critical Success Factors in Business Continuity (PDF)
An event that disrupts your business, no matter how limited or broad in scope, can undermine your ability to remain competitiveand maybe even to survive. But while disaster recovery planning for your facilities and technology is critical to your business continuity, you also need to fully consider the impact of a disruption on your most valuable asset: your employees.

Cisco’s Hardware Warranty and “abnormal environmental conditions” (PDF)
Housing expensive IT and Networking equipment in badly maintained Data Centres will deem warranties void, as can be seen in the “Restrictions” clause on page 2 (line 8) of Cisco’s Hardware Warranty contract.

Zinc Whiskers and their Remediation (PDF)
Zinc whiskers are a phenomenon that can occur on bare metal surfaces. Metal surfaces are often coated with zinc in a galvanisation process to help protect them from corrosion. While several techniques are used, such as hot-dip or spraying, whisker growth appears to be limited to electroplated samples.

Power and Cooling in Data Centres (PDF)
Businesses are spending an increasingly large portion of their IT budgets on maintenance and power and cooling. According to IDC, in 2006 businesses world-wide spent about $55.4 billion on new servers and approximately $29 billion to power and cool those machines.

The Data Centre Virtualisation story: Cisco Systems (PDF)
The Cisco-® Enterprise Data Center Network Architecturea comprehensive, adaptive network architecture designed by Cisco Systems-® for agile IT support of business needscritically depends upon underlying physical facilities to provide the power, cooling, physical housing, cabling, physical security, and fire protection that allow IT to function reliably and seamlessly. This paper presents strategies for designing those facilities to support the emerging virtualized computing environment.

Data Centre Consolidation (PDF)
Over the past few years, average power consumption per server has increased more than 20 percent. In addition, consolidations and build-outs are causing data centres and their racks to be more and more densely packed with power-hungry IT equipment, such as blade servers.