Fire Walling

8 Solutions understand the need to fire-stop apertures within the critical space and 8 Solutions have trained technicians that can perform this procedure.

Special fire rated materials are used to seal holes in fire compartment walls and floors around services such as air-conditioning ducts, pipe work and electrical cabling. This protects the facility against the passage of fire and can provide up to 4 hours integrity and protection.

Before any works are performed, the highly trained 8 Solutions technicians will perform onsite Dynamic Risk Assessments – this is a standard operational procedure, documentation will be available for auditing purposes.

After installation of the fire stopping materials is complete, 8 Solutions technicians will install ‘information labels’ on all apertures’ that have been sealed, this will contain the following:

  • Installation reference number unique to the project
  • The project/client name
  • 8 Solutions technicians name
  • Date of the installation
  • Rating of the fire baton and materials installed

A detailed report containing information on the project will be submitted to the client upon completion of the process.

Cable transit systems can also be installed through walls/floors in mission critical areas, for more information please visit