Technical Services

There is a simple business case for being more energy efficient.  Reducing energy consumption reduces operational expenditure, allowing opportunity to improve business profitability.

Fort the datacentre, implementing airflow best practices can also lead to other advantage; such as reducing stranded cooling capacity and improving cooling effectiveness.

Mechanical retrofits

Directional Floor Grilles

  • Improve Supply-Air Capture Index with directional air grilles

Airflow blanking panels

  • Aligning with EU Best Practices for the datacentre, reduce recirculated and bypass air with 1-42U blanking panel solutions

Containment solutions

  • Hot Aisle (HAC), Cold Aisle (CAC), or Partial/Virtual Containment
  • Fixed/sliding door application or curtains to suit every application

CRAC Filter upgrades

  • Improve cooling efficiency with high-grade filter replacements

EC Fan retrofit

  • Replace existing fixed speed AC fans with EC fans to balance fan speed to load need saving up to 50% of original fan power consumption

Refrigerant re-charge

  • 10% loss in refrigerant charge = 20% increase in operational costs

Electronic Expansion Valve retrofit

Specialist CRAC Cleaning

Condenser & evaporator cleaning

  • Improve heat exchanger – heat transfer performance and reduce contamination to the datacentre by regularly cleaning the airflow path within the cooling plant

Electrical retrofits

  • Inverters to AC motors

Control retrofits

  • CRAC Controls refurbishments
  • Intelligent Management Systems