Data Centre Health Check

The 20 Point Data Centre Environmental Health Check

Specialist decontamination improves the performance, power consumption and longevity of expensive IT equipment. Carried out by our senior team of highly trained and security cleared technicians, the 20 Point Health Check falls into four key areas:

Visual Data Centre Contamination Inspection 

  • Voids (floor and ceiling)
  • Surfaces (floor, ceiling, walls,… doors & ledges)
  • High levels
  • Containment (sub floor & high level)
  • Racks/Cabinets (Specialist internal)
  • Racks/cabinets (Externals)
  • Equipment (AHU’s, PDU’s, UPS,
  • CRAC, Generators) Externals
Remedial Works Inspection 

  • Air Flow Management (Kold Lock,
  • foam edge taping, grills
  • Flooring (panel management,
  • strengthening, levelling, stringer integrity,
  • pedestal fixation, panel replacement
  • Fire walling
  • Sub Floor Sealing
  • Contamination Management (Tak Mats,
  • Tak Tiles, Tak Cloths)

  • Service and plant areas
  • Entry/Exit Points to DC
  • Visual inspection for Zinc Whiskers
  • Air particle testing
  • (without certification)
& Reports

  • Best Practise
  • ISO14644-1 Compliance Report
  • Survey report
  • Recommendations

We are 100% data centre and critical facility-focused and have carried out over 100,000 completed projects. Our work with the majority of the FTSE 100 in the UK makes us the partner of choice for Data Centre Healthcare. If you would like to find out more or arrange for your 20 Point Health Check contact us now.