Tak Panel – A Proactive Approach

Stop contamination in its tracks Polymeric TakPanels reduce contamination in critical areas

Your data – and your whole operation – could be at risk every time someone enters a critical area. Dust particles as small as 0.3 of a micron cause system crashes and data corruption. Over time, fans and heat sinks can clog with debris, degrading cooling efficiency and increasing fire risk. Bacteria can multiply to threaten labs and clean rooms – and electrostatic discharge can cause havoc with sensitive equipment.takpanels-strip

The TakPanel is the simple solution. 80% of dust and dirt that enters your critical areas does so on feet – TakPanels stop contamination, bacteria and even the risk of electro static discharge in its tracks.


“One hour of down time can cost an average of £300k per hour, in comparison the cost of preventative maintenance is minimal”

IBM Today

“80% of dust and dirt entering your critical area does so on feet”


Working to protect you

The TakPanel has been designed to protect critical environments. It uses a unique designed material to trap contamination and bacteria, and reduce the risk of electro static discharge. It provides essential protection for labs, clean rooms, server rooms – anywhere with sensitive equipment or activities. The principle is simple – TakPanels have a sticky surface to instantly remove particles from footfall. All contamination can be simply wiped with a clean damp lint free cloth, leaving your premises pristine – and your TakPanel ready to continue its protection. It avoids dirty sheets, and costly consumables. The protection does not stop there. The TakPanel contains Biomaster (a silver antimicrobial agent) – essential for medical and biological facilities – which has the added advantage of creating a mild magnetic field to trap ferrous particles, and providing conductivity to absorb any electro static discharge (ESD). The tough non-slip covering comes in two grades, Clean Zone and Work Zone.

TakMat edge-free design eliminates the slip and trip hazards of mats
Clean Zone TakPanels TakPanels are permanent raised access floor (RAF) panels that simply replace an existing panel The Clean Zone TakPanel is for everyday use. They are ideal at the entrance to a critical facility or data centre, in customer or CRAH corridors, in airlocks and mantraps. Clean Zone Colour Options cleanzone-colours Work Zone TakPanels Work zone TakPanels provide a harder compound that can handle heavy volumes of foot and fork lift traffic, making them ideal for areas such a loading bays, generator rooms AHU rooms and build rooms. The polymeric material can also be directly fixed onto a solid surface or directly to the floor – you don’t need a RAF system to get Takpanel protection. Work Zone Colour Options workzone-colours


Ordering Clean Zone TakPanels To order Takpanels, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 0845 602 3075 or enquiries@8Solutions.com. We’ll discuss your needs and let you know how fast we can get TakPanel protection working for you.