Server & Comms Room Cleaning

The Importance of a Proactive Approach to Computer Room Cleaning & Server Room Cleaning


Contamination on and in IT equipment in computer rooms and server rooms will cause equipment to retain heat and cause unwanted downtime if not maintained. In addition, power requirements will increase as hardware works harder to keeps its environment cool a key issue within the computer room environment.
8Solutions takes an extensive approach to its computer room cleaning and server room cleaning services, which include cleaning of the subfloor void, floor surface buffing and cleaning of the equipment surface to provide a thorough preventive maintenance program for your computer room and ensures ISO 14644-1 Machine Room standards are met, in line with hardware manufacturer’s warranties.If your computer room has never been under a preventive maintenance program that includes cleaning, then an initial service site preparation may need to be performed.

comms room cleaning


This will include a clean of the subfloor void, floor and equipment surfaces, as well as the pedestal and stringer substructure to ensure that your computer room is as dust and contamination free as possible. 


8Solutions uses only the most advanced and appropriate equipment available. In the computer room or server room, equipment surfaces are cleaned using takcloths, with highly interwoven fibres and where applicable vacuumed using three stage HEPA-filtered vacuums. In addition, the surface of the floor panels is cleaned using specialised anti-static equipment and solutions.Most hardware manufacturers including Cisco, IBM and HP recommend the subfloor void is cleaned twice per annum by a professional computer room
cleaning company, especially if air flow is being directed through the floor void.

8 Solutions can also provide disaster recovery cleaning services, with a 24 hour turnaround if needed, for refrigeration unit leaks, water leaks, flooding, fire, smoke or any other emergency. Call 8 Solutions out of hours emergency line: +44 (0) 845 459 0278.