Post Construction Clean

Post Data Centre Construction Clean

If your data centre has recently undergone expansion or is a new construction, then a complete post construction Specialist Deep Clean should be performed prior to any equipment being commissioned. A complete cleaning of the subfloor void, the raised floor surface, ceiling void and existing equipment, as well as any other surfaces, will remove all contamination to ensure a safe operating environment.

Due to new data centre technologies and its ongoing compaction, the volume of air needed to pass through equipment is steadily increasing, which amplifies the contamination risk. This has also created a need to gain and share a better understanding of data centre infrastructure, which 8 Solutions can also you assist with.

8 Solutions uses both 240v and 110v equipment, has full PPE and its technicians regularly attend site inductions at construction sites.

With early engagement and the opportunity to provide advice and recommend best practices, 8 Solutions can safely, seamlessly and cost-effectively reduce the risks associated with environmental contamination. The company can provide the clinical clean needed to ensure handover to client is performed within project timescales and to the correct level of ISO cleanliness.