Specialist CRAC Cleaning

Specialist Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) cleaning

Thoroughly cleaning your critical cooling plant with each quarterly maintenance check- as recommended by most manufacturers offers multiple benefits:

  • Improved heat exchanger/ heat transfer performance- improving cooling effectiveness and efficiency
  • Reduced contamination recirculation, preventing unwanted downtime

Simply undertaking visual mechanical checks to air filters, wear to fan bearings, and alignment of drive belt assemblies in conjunction with consistent operation is not really giving justice to the criticality of the precision cooling within today’s datacentre.

When only Zero Downtime is tolerated, the cleanliness of the air path serving the IT Equipment is critical. Often forgotten, the air path within the CRAC unit itself can be the source to many issues at the server.

Saturated filters may often prompt alarm because of the differential pressure across the filter, but this may have already “dumped” contamination into the supply air path. The filter would be changed, but is the return and supply air paths cleaned at this filter change?

Legacy indirect driven fan assemblies can also cause contamination, with debris from misaligned v-belts often noted as giving off an unwanted black dust.

Parts to be considered for cleaning:

CONDENSER COIL – Clean the condenser coil with a stiff bristled hand brush. If dirt has accumulated over a long period, or tends to be greasy or sticky, then it may be necessary to use a water hose (NOT High Pressure) or chemical pressure hose.  We take care not to damage the fins and comb out if they have become damaged in any way.

CAUTION – We do not use steam for cleaning coils otherwise damage or danger may result from excessive internal pressures.

EVAPORATOR COIL – Evaporator coil filters – checking condition and replace if appropriate.  Inspect coils and clean as appropriate.

CRAC Unit assembly, including:

Condenser Fan                                                                 Re-circulated Damper Motor

Main Fan Guard                                                                Recirculation Damper

Return Air Fire Dampers                                                 Extract Dampers

Supply Air Fire Dampers                                                 Main Fan