Why Choose 8 Solutions

Why Choose 8 Solutions

8 Solutions has grown to become one of the leading dedicated data centre services providers in the UK. With a proven track record of delivering agreed scope on time, and within budget on countless occasions, our client base encompasses the entire spectrum of the UK IT-led organisations to small medium enterprise businesses; from the largest data centre to the smallest IT Closet/ Comms Room. Our experience includes corporate data centres such as Colocation (wholesale, retail & interconnects), telecommunications (network & carrier, fixed line and mobile), media and Internet Service Provider (ISP). They further extend to Managed Service Providers, and business sectors including Banking & Finance, retail and logistics, transport, utilities and Public Sector (emergency services, government, councils, health and MOD etc). Either directly or through our major facilities management (FM) partners, 8 Solutions enjoys an enviable position in the data centre services market.

With a highly experienced management team and skilled workforce we are continuously innovating to ensure 8 Solutions is the partner of choice and trusted advisor around the data centre, offering reliability, efficiency, value and peace of mind.

8 Solutions Mission Statement

To provide a specialist service at a fair price and to be recognised as leading our industry in innovation and service. 

Key reasons for making 8 Solutions your Trusted Advisor & Service Partner of choice:

Reliability Over 100,000 projects without incident
Secure All our technicians are security checked, highly trained and directly employed
Availability 24/7/365 operations with full emergency call out service



Over 23 years working in the most critical sites we have obtained an in-depth understanding of the environments we work in, with proven & widely accepted Methods of Procedure

All our work can be endorsed or certified by current industry best practices & standards authorities including ISO 14644-1, ANSI/ISA 71.04-2013, ASHRAE TC9.9 and The EU Code of Conduct for data centres.